Strategic Growth Plan, Bond Accountability

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Proposition 1C is the $2.85 billion affordable housing bond component of the Strategic Growth Plan.

Proposition 1C invests $2.85 billion for housing and infrastructure programs to produce an estimated 118,000 housing units, 2,350 homeless shelter spaces, and infrastructure projects that help infill housing development such as water, sewer, parks, and transportation improvements.
Housing and Community Development (HCD)
California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA)
California Pollution Control Financing Agency (CPCFA)
The Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006 (Proposition 1C)
Schedule of Funds Committed as of June 2013
Total Available
  Homeownership Programs      
HCD CalHome  
$299,400,460 $23,400,481
HCD BEGIN Program 
$73,756,036 $0
HCD CalHome Self-Help Housing Program 
$8,859,329 $0
CalHFA California Homebuyers Downpayment Assistance Program  
$126,265,428 $73,734,572
HCD Affordable Housing Innovation 
$56,937,005 $8,000,604
  Multifamily Rental Housing Programs      
HCD Multifamily Housing Program 
$304,754,422 $52,518,670
HCD Multifamily Housing - Supportive  
$172,524,545 $9,174,714
HCD Homeless Youth Housing 
$38,488,114 $0
  Other Programs      
HCD Serna Farmworker  
$85,541,513 $2,557,076
HCD Emergency Housing Assistance 
$33,488,799 $9,375,479
HCD Infill Infrastructure Grant Program 
$665,207,262 $79,979,381
HCD Transit Oriented Development 
$212,370,825 $54,549,841
HCD Housing - Related Parks Program 
$20,058,125 $163,649,119
CPCFA CALReUSE Remediation Program**** 
$55,000,000 $0
  ** Statewide Costs 
$77,378,400 -$77,378,400
  *** Administrative Costs 
$120,621,600 -$120,621,600
  Grand Total
$2,350,651,863 $278,939,937
* Funding has been awarded but may not have been disbursed. Legislative appropriation may be somewhat higher.
** Estimated costs charged by agencies other than the administering department, such as State Treasurer's Office and State Controller's Office, over the entire life of the bonds. These amounts are held in reserve to ensure their availability.
*** Estimated costs incurred by HCD and CalHFA over the entire life of the bonds to provide the support to the bond programs that are expended from bond proceeds over the entire life of the bonds. These amounts are held in reserve to ensure their availability.
**** Administered by the California Pollution Control Financing Authority
Front-end Accountability Criteria Details